Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Move over Latte...it's Chai Tea time

If you haven't yet tasted the delights of Chai Tea, then you should treat yourself. I can now add myself to the countless people who have turned their backs on coffee (unless I am in complete need of a caffine hit or come into the office with my sunglasses on) and have turned to Chai!

Chai, I hear you say in unison, yes I know, it isn't a new thing, but I have been reluctant to fill my cup with anything other than the tried and loved beverages previously drunk (in copious amounts of consumption).

But when the likes of Arkadia Chai Tea crossed my desk, I went where this blogger has never been before...

And I am delighted I dared stray from routine. The Arkadia Chai Tea in Vanilla was creamy, smooth and oh so delicious!

Upon research I also discovered that it is healthier than coffee, with even more tea antioxidants than other similar chai teas on the market. Available in two different flavours, Spice and Vanilla, Arkadia Chai tea is 98% fat free (all hail the fat free) and contains no preservatives, artificial colours or sweetners.

So what are you waiting for...goodbye Latte - hello Chai Tea! StumbleUpon

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