Thursday, September 30, 2010

Has anyone tried Hakuna Matata?

If you haven’t then you’re missing out!

Produced by Spice Girlz, Hakuna Matata is a rich Middle Eastern spice mixture in an eggplant and tomato salsa that will work wonders on your nachos; make your baked potatoes taste like heaven, and your pasta finger licking good.

Spice Girlz also have a delicious assortment of condiments that are not only handmade, but consist of locally grown herbs and produce. The taste will leave you breathless, so to speak, and gets you hooked after your first dip in anyone of the amazing sweet and chilli salsa dips and savoury jams.

Check out the recipe for Hakuna Matata Meatballs on their website below – it will definitely spice up your palette! StumbleUpon

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