Thursday, September 23, 2010

The ultimate cheese platter...

Naomi Crisante and the Cheesematters team have some great tips for assembling the perfect cheese platter – whatever the occasion may be!

Simple 3 cheese platter – perfect to serve after dinner for around 4-8 people.

• South Cape Brie with red grapes
• Tasmanian Heritage Traditional Blue with fresh pear slices
• Mersey Valley Vintage Club Cheddar and quince paste
Serve with crusty French baguette and crispbreads such as those made by South Cape.

Antipasto platter - Serve at the beginning of a casual meal, function or picnic. As a guide, for a large platter to serve 10-12 people include up to 3 cheeses.

• South Cape Persian Fetta (served in a bowl)
• Australian Gold Pepper Swirl cheese
• South Cape Bocconcini
• Sliced salami and/or prosciutto
• Olives
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Gherkins or Cornichons
• Carrot, celery and/or red capsicum sticks
• South Cape Cheese Twists or Crisp bread

Cheese lovers platter – for those serious cheese lovers! This platter will give you something to taste, mingle and discuss over a glass of wine.

• Tasmanian Heritage Traditional Camembert with plum paste
• Heidi Gruyere with smoked almonds
• King Island Dairy Roaring Forties Blue with walnuts
• King Island Dairy Stormy Washed Rind cheese with fresh dates

Serve with finely sliced sourdough and/or fruit bread.

One special cheese – Great for when a couple of friends drop in or after an easy meal. All you need to do is serve one really good cheese.

Place a slice of King Island Dairy Endeavour Blue on individual plates, drizzle with lavender honey and serve with a few prunes soaked in Port and some thin slices of Sourdough bread.

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